Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Year of Travel: Some Stats

Days travelled: 368

Distance travelled: over 58,000km (or ~158km/day)
(This excludes the return trip Buenos Aires-Sydney in May 2010, which would add another ~24,000km. Adding this means that we have travelled the equivalent distance of circumnavigating the globe twice.)

Continents visited: 3
(South America, Africa, Europe)

Countries travelled through: 18
(Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey)

Languages spoken: 9
(English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Slovenian, Serbian, Turkish)

Currencies used: 13
(Chilean Peso, Argentine Peso, Brazilian Real, Bolivian Boliviano, Peruvian Nuevo Sol, US Dollar, Colombian Peso, Venezuelan Bolívar Fuerte, Euro, Tunisian Dinar, Egyptian Pound, Serbian Dinar, Turkish Lira)

Transport types: at least 25
(including jet plane, Cessna, flying fox, train, tram, light rail, car, bus, taxi, truck, louage, mototaxi, bike-taxi, bicycle, calesh, horse, funicular, cable car, ferry, motor boat, row boat, car ferry, canoe, felucca, and foot)

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  1. I think it's amazing that you guys are taking the bull by the horns and traveling. It's awesome! :)