Monday, February 14, 2011

Frankfurt to Istanbul: The people have spoken

It has been nearly two weeks since we were evacuated from Cairo and we have now figured out how to get to Istanbul from Frankfurt. A big thank you goes out to everyone who participated in our online survey. Your responses have been hugely helpful in transforming us from bewildered evacuees back into motivated travellers who know where they are going.

38 people answered our survey. People seem to think that after our tense Egyptian experience we should take it easy, travel slowly and chill out alot.

Here are a few insights from our survey respondents:

Everyone has basically heard of all the countries we listed, except for Moldova. A third of people have never heard of Moldova. If I filled out the survey I would have bumped that number up a little. I hadn't heard of Moldova either.

The most visited country of the ones we listed was Italy, with a whopping 28 out of 38 people having been there. The next most visited countries, in descending order, were Germany, Austria, Greece, then Czech Republic.

The most frequently selected 'desirable destination' was Greece. After Greece, the most desirable countries to visit were Czech Republic, Austria and Croatia.

Multiple mentions were made suggesting we visit these specific places within these popular countries:

People think Greece is good because it has Delphi, and the Greek Islands. The Greek Islands seem to have an almost mythical status in people's minds when they are thinking about travel and tourism.

Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is popular because it has Prague. I don't think anyone who has ever been there disagrees- Prague is beautiful.

For those who have a clue about the place (thanks to you, dear respondents, that now includes us) Croatia includes two big names, and those are Split and Dubrovnic, two historically significant and photogenic towns along the Dalmatian coastline.

Yep, you guessed it. Austria is all about going to Vienna. If you get there on a Sunday you can hear the Boy's Choir there, or so I'm told.

Although they get fewer overall mentions, the people who suggested Italy and Slovenia were the most fanatical about advocating visits to those countries. It seems that Italy and Slovenia are places that some people really fall in love with.

Taking all this on board, we formed our travel plan. Alix and I have both already been to Prague on different trips, so we decided against going there again in favour of exploring new destinations. As some of you may know, we plan to spend a fair chunk of time in Istanbul, and it is so close to Greece we can easily skip back there if we want, so that is out, too.

So, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bulgaria it is! Go hard, or go home!

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  1. I'm so glad you decided to go to Austria. I love that country. Also very pleased to hear that the queue jumping attempts from the Egyptian princesses were thwarted. After five weeks in South America that makes me very happy! Karen James