Monday, January 10, 2011

11 Reasons why Tunisia rocks

  • The streets are clean. Do you hear that South America? Clean.
  • There are very few tourists. The ones you do see are waaay over there in those white 4WDs.
  • People are friendly and courteous. Often you wait for an ulterior motive and... it never comes. They are actually just being nice.
  • Taxis have meters.
  • Inexpensive- but not 'cheap'.
  • Jawas. Giant Jawas.

This man has no idea why he is being photographed

  • Lots of people speak Arabic, French and English... Sweet, sweet English...
  • 2 strong coffees and 2 warm, melting chocolate croissants... for $1.40
  • If you can't get a bus there, there is a train. Or a minibus. Or all three. Or just get a taxi. They have meters, remember?
  • Short distances between destinations. 2-3 hours travel time from location to location.
  • Food is tasty and abundant.

Alix enjoys the rabbit stew. Sooo tasty.

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  1. You had me at the coffee/choc croissant = so cheap thing!!! It'll be next on my list when I finish exploring OZ!

    Happy 2011 travels!!
    Red Nomad OZ
    Adventures in Australia