Friday, December 3, 2010

Adios, South America!

Things I will miss, in no particular order:

* Lime-flavoured Ruffles and Thins
* Brazil's fresh juices
* Açai & acerola (tasty, tasty Amazonian fruits)
* Spanish (I understand most of it, accents aside)
* Good, cheap wine
* Argentinian steaks
* My family
* Pisco sours and caipirinhas
* Sunbathing in my tiny Brazilian bikini

Things I will not miss:

* Putting toilet paper in the bin (yes, they do it and it's gross)
* Rubbish everywhere
* The smell of pee everywhere
* Portuguese (I just don't get it)
* Rice & chips with everything
* Salad = a slice of tomato & a slice of onion
* People pushing me out of the way to get on a bus
* No idea of personal space
* Electric showers (they just don't get hot)

1 comment:

  1. I agree about the sub-par salads...I don't think I ever found a single place (at least one not run by an expat) that had a real salad!