Monday, November 8, 2010

Jungle James Seeks Lovely Lady

Ladies, I'd like you to meet James. Jungle James. James from the Jungle Side. J-side James.

Jungle James is an athletic 26-year old Amazonian man with dark hair and deep brown eyes who describes himself as 'for the ladies'. James is a working man with a real job as an Amazon Jungle Experience Guide. James is an outgoing adventure-seeker you can find fishing for piranha, catching caiman with his bare hands, canoeing up-river in search of anacondas, or spotting for jaguars in the steamy Amazonian jungle.

When the weekend comes around, whether it is at the riverside jungle lodge or in a disco in Manaus, Jungle James likes nothing more on a sultry Amazonian night than downing a few cachaças and living it large from sundown to sunrise.

Jungle James is interested in meeting ladies who are keen for a bit of adventure and maybe more. Possibly you are an Australian woman who might consider marrying Jungle James so he can get a permanent residency, but hey, one step at a time. James is interested in taking it slow, and doing it right.

So, ladies, if you think you are ready, join Jungle James for a night or two of jungle camping or chilling out at The Lodge. James won't chase you, but when you decide you are ready for what is here for you, James will be waiting. At The Lodge. For you.

Who knows where a little time spent with Jungle James might take you?


  1. Got a Jungle Jane for a lonely Canadian boy?
    Just as charming but less under-arm hair.

  2. I'll take Jungle James! But can we change him a bit so he's actually Drummer Dom? No big qualifications. He just has to be the drummer from Muse.