Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fifteen Reasons you should visit Isla Del Sol, Bolivia

1. The night sky is brilliant. You can see the milky way like a ribbon across the sky
2. At night it is so quiet you can hear yourself think
3. The scenery is spectacular
4. The people are very polite and very friendly
5. They have donkeys here
6. Everything is inexpensive. 25 Australian dollars buys you a private room for the night with waterfront views, a good dinner for two people and a nice bottle of red.
7. The air is clean
8. The sunshine sparkles on the lake
9. At sunset everything goes pretty colours
10. The mythical birthplace of the first Inca is here
11. The lake is full of trout
12. There are a couple of white sand beaches here and they are virtually deserted
13. There are puppies. Cute puppies.
14. The Inca Ruin of Chilkana is fun to explore
15. The trekking trails are totally sweet

Stunning view from our hostel

Triple doorway - this must be a really special place

Dog herding a donkey

The sun sparkling off the water

Pastel sunset

The stone from whence the first Incas came

Jace braves the cold lake


The labyrinthine ruins of Chilkana

This Inca road forms an easy walking trail across the island

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