Friday, April 2, 2010


So we've finally arrived in Santiago de Chile.

The flight out of Sydney was delayed by about an hour because they had to do some "maintainence" while we sat on the plane, without food or water. [I only mention that last bit because we had a very rushed morning and only had an Up'n'Go each for breakfast.] We made up the time in the air and arrived in Santiago pretty much on schedule.

The airport is undergoing reconstruction after the earthquake a month ago, so we were a bit confused as to where to meet our friends, the Vargases, who were picking us up. After a bit of a wait, bolstered by café con leche and pain au chocolat, I finally caught sight of Lucho, who had sweet-talked his way into the airport to find us. Turns out you actually have to walk out of the building, across and under some roads and into a white tent in the corner of the carpark as people who aren't flying are not allowed in. Naturally, no one told us this as we exited customs and there were no signs; plus, of course, some people managed to sneak in somehow and met friends/family at the gate, which confused Jace & me, so we waited inside instead of going out the doors.

Anyway, we were eventually in the car heading for Santiago proper, and the Vargases' gorgeous apartment. Will post more soon including some photos...

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