Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fire Sale

We're selling the following items, if anyone's interested:

- my car (Ultra Blue Holden Astra CDX MY06, ~58K km, leather seats, front heated seats, tinted windows, $20K)
- queen-size bed incl. mattress + linens
- 6x pillows
- 3-seater lounge with queen-size bed SOLD
- 3-seater lounge
- 2x coffee tables
- 2x DVD/CD towers SOLD
- small bookshelf
- tall boy
- chest of drawers SOLD
- fridge
- Hoover 3.5kg dryer SOLD
- 2x laptops SOLD
- large bar heater
- small bar heater
- left-handed desk
- hanging rack
- weights set
- iron & ironing board SOLD
- large rubbish bin, near-new
- fan
- Dyson vacuum cleaner
- Nilfisk vacuum cleaner SOLD
- size 8 Scarpa Kailash men's hiking boots, worn once

Leave a comment or email us if you're interested in any of the above. First come, first served. Goods will be posted on Gumtree/eBay in a week.


  1. Hey hon,

    Tell me about this weights set that's for sale!!
    Mel xo

  2. ... how do you know the desk is left handed? Are they like polar bears?

  3. Mel - Jace's got 2 adjustable dumbbells with a variety of weights, single weight dumbbells, I think they are 2.5kg each, little girlie hand weights (power walker style, I think they are 0.5kg), a pair of Nike ankle weights which are great for burning calories when walking, a pair of grips (for strengthening your hands) and a skipping rope (you forget how awesome a workout skipping is as an adult). Ideally he’d like someone to take the lot in one go for $150.
    RE: the desk - the shape of it makes it for lefties.

  4. Hey Alix,
    How tall are the DVD towers? And how much do you want for them?
    Also (ignoring the obvious question of why do you have two vacuum cleaners!), how much do you want for the Dyson?
    Laura B :-)

  5. Laura - DVD towers are 2m, $30 each. Dyson is $100. Someone's got first dibs at this stage, but I'll keep you up-to-date.